Becoming a Volunteer at S.S. Kaizoku Con is a wonderful thing! Read on to see the perks of the position!

Incentive Program
All Volunteers automatically get added to our incentive program as soon as they sign up to be Volunteers. The top two volunteers with the most amount of hours worked will receive exclusive prizes. The cut off point to log hours is Sunday at 3pm. After this point, any hours worked will NOT count towards the incentive program (unless approved by Staff) but WILL count towards next year's convention, should you volunteer again.
This is to give our Staff members ample time to tally hours. Please see Volunteer Ops for more information on this program.

ALL Volunteers are eligible for our Most Valuable Volunteer award. Depending on how well you do and how helpful you are, you could take home a prize! Winner is chosen by popular vote across our board of Staff Members.



Every Volunteer will receive tiered prizes* as they work more and more hours. They will also be eligible to “cash in” their hours as points for first-come-first-serve prizes*. The tiered prizes are as follows:


     1 Hour of Volunteer work: An S.S. Kaizoku Con Volunteer button

     4 Hours of Volunteer work: An S.S. Kaizoku Con Volunteer Silicone wristband

     8 Hours of Volunteer work: The S.S. Kaizoku Con Volunteer Badge Ribbon (used for your refund)

     12 Hours of Volunteer work: An S.S. Kaizoku Con Volunteer Lanyard


Prizes for hours that are “cashed in” will be announced at the convention!

        *While supplies last

All Volunteers must be:
  • 18 years of age or older as of TBA
  • Have a state-recognized valid ID with photo, name, and date of birth clearly identifiable
  • Registered paid attendees of the convention
  • Able to communicate fully in English
  • Have a phone number/email that we may contact you at with information.
All Volunteers are expected to:
  • Follow all rules set forth by Kaizoku Con and the convention Staff
  • Report for all scheduled shifts
  • Maintain a friendly, helpful, and professional attitude while on duty and "off the clock"
  • Check-in at Volunteer Ops
  • Check-in/out at Volunteer Ops before/after your shift(s). Your hours must be staff initialed to be counted.
  • Immediately report problems to Volunteer Ops and Security Staff members
Volunteers are not allowed to:
  • Confiscate anyone's badge
  • Remove attendees from the convention
  • Threaten anyone
Volunteers may want to:
  • Keep a running tab of their hours
  • Check back often to see if any other shifts become available
  • Wear comfortable shoes
Volunteers are allowed to cosplay as long as their cosplay does not interfere with their ability to work. This includes any cosplays that a) inhibit movement b) cover the face or hands completely c) have large/oversized props.
There are several departments our Volunteers may be placed in. Here are some examples:
  • Artist Alley/Dealer Hall Watchers ensure no one is entering early or causing trouble in the vendor rooms, and make sure all signage is posted correctly.
  • Registration Assistants will be scheduled at the registration table and information booth to hand out con swag bags and direct attendees to their destinations during the event.
  •  Game Room Assistant will help out the operations of the Gaming Room and Tabletop Gaming area, such as helping Staff with equipment and/or badge checking at the entrances.
  • Gallery Crew are required to patrol the area surrounding the second floor open gallery, confirming that no one is rough-housing near the glass partition. This position is VITAL to our convention.
  • Panel Attendants will be alerting Staff to technical or accommodation needs or problems during panels, along with taking a count of attendees for panels and collecting our Panel Survey Forms to be returned to Volunteer Ops after every panel. 

Policy Regarding Refunds or "Comp'd" Badges:
Volunteers who have completed 8 hours of work or more will receive a refund equal to the purchase price of their badge at the time of registration. All of your hours must be staff initialed to be counted.
Exceptions to this rule:
  • Volunteers who have purchased Premium Badges will only receive a partial refund of $18 (equal to the cost of a regular 2-day badge at the door).
  • Hours worked must be logged before 3pm on Sunday. You may work past this point to complete your 8 hours, however, Volunteers are responsible for informing Volunteers Ops if they wish to do this. Any hours worked after the cut-off point WITHOUT being first approved by Staff will not count toward this goal.
  • Refunds will be given Sunday afternoon before closing ceremonies at the Registration desk. Just show your 8 Hour Volunteer ribbon and ticket to Registration!