We know you're dying to find out what sorts of prizes you can win at our Closing Ceremonies.
That's why we are giving you a sneak peek!
We won't give it all away -- not yet, anyway -- but here's a nice sampling. Preregistered or At-Door, Volunteer, Staff, or Judge's Choice Award, there are many ways to enter and win. Twelve different prizes all with one central theme = Awesomeness.
A GIANT thank you to Viz Media for donating so much to us! You guys are fantastic! Thank you as well to Shiroiyuki Studios!


Prize Pack - Sample 1                                        

·        Bleach T-shirt (M)        

·        MAR Anime Vol. 3 

·        Naruto necklace

·        DeathNote keychain 



Prize Pack - Sample 2                                        

·        InuYasha -- Fathers and Sons        

·        Hikaru-no-Go Vol. 2 

·        Vampire Knight wristband

Prize Pack - Sample 3                                        

·        Vampire Knight promo pencil case        

·        Hello Kitty lunch box

·        Inuyasha -- Divine Malice

·        Shiroiyuki Studios promo mug



We received over $300 in Viz merchandise to give out to you guys in celebration of our FIRST YEAR!