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2013 panels

Dance Covers, Net Idols, and you!
Odottemita? Beckii Cruel? Oishii!Project? Dance and song covers have been growing in popularity for the past few years. This panel will explain some of the reasons for this trend and explore the growing community centered around Youtube, dancing, and wanting to make it BIG.
Anime Name That Tune
Spanning many decades, anime music has been an important part of the art form, engaging people’s minds and emotions and setting us up for everything from romance to cliffhangers. Audience participation is a must! Anime Name That Tune -- spanning from current hits to old favorites, and maybe the occasional obscure song in between. Come sing along and you may just win a prize!
[16+]The History of Video Games
A review of the history of video games and the landmark individuals, games, and consoles that have shaped the largest form of media in the world today. Age rating of 16+ due to the discussion of mature themes and the games they appear in.
Costume Construction Basics
Don't know a button from a bobbin? Not to worry! This panel will take you through the very basics of costume construction, from equipment to fabric selection.
Costumes Beyond the Basics
Here we will cover additional sewing techniques, some basic prop suggestions, plus additional small touches that you can use to make your costumes even better! There will be time at the end for help with your specific costume questions.
After the Sewing is Done
So you've completed your epic costume and are ready to bring it to the con?  Not sure what to do?  We can help!  In this panel you can learn about costume posing -- a presentation for both hallway and contest.  We will also give tips and tricks for con survival and emergency costume repairs.
Ask D.Gray man anything
Looking to cosplay characters from D.Gray Man? Learn some trade secrets to help you along the way! This panel covers everything from costume making, wig styling, constructing props, and the mindset behind becoming the characters themselves.  Includes pictures for reference.
WTF is Moe?!
An open discussion on the topic of Moe! How do you categorize Moe? Do you think Moe has changed the face of anime as we know it? At what point does the use of Moe distract from a show? All these questions and more will be covered in this open debate you won’t want miss!
Figure Collecting Basics
A brief introduction to the highs (finding your grail!) and lows (exclusives!) of Japanese figure collecting. Not sure where to start? Ever wonder what a Nendoroid is? Discover some of the major figure companies and their biggest lines, get some tips on where to find figure news, and learn some tell-tale signs of the dreaded bootleg.

The Games of Anime
Have you ever wondered just what that game was that they were playing in your favorite anime? This panel is an introduction to real-life board, card, and tile games seen in anime: Mahjong, Shougi, Go, and Hanafuda. Learn a bit about how they are played and maybe even try one yourself!
How To Artist Alley with Crash Bang Labs
Are you vending in an artist alley? Are you planning on trying it in the future? Join Crash Bang Labs for a “crash course” in customer service and presentation!
Time in a Box: Tips for Comic Panel Layouts
A picture’s worth a thousand words, but a terrible layout only spells disaster! Join Crash Bang Labs for a discussion panel about Comic Panel layouts and composition. Whether you’re drawing a single comic strip or a full chapter book, the tips and tricks in this panel will help you tell your story your way!
What goes under WHERE?
Everybody talks about how to make your costume. But nobody talks about what goes UNDER your costume! Come in and join Karmada for a discussion panel about what we wear under our costumes for support, modesty, and overall comfort!