THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR GUESTS who appeared at S.S. Kaizoku Con 2015!

Our 2016 show has been postponed until 2017. Planning for our 2017 show begins in November!
Voice actors, artists, animators, directors...see who will be attending!


Guest Ad Space:

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Philosophical Undefined Photography (x÷0)


Philosophical Undefined Photography (x÷0) is not your average cosplay photography group. They do not care about how many “Likes” you have on Facebook or making profit. 

They got their start when Denzel “ssj3fox” started wondering Michigan cons a few years ago with a point and shoot camera. It is now a highly mobile team out to take some of the best hallway photos in the Great Lakes area! Instead of planned photoshoots, x÷0 wanders around cons promoting fandom and fun. Cosplay is for everyone and every cosplayer deserves to have a good photo taken of them!

Table is located in Dealer Hall

The Grand Haven Music Scene 

Grand Haven's premiere source for music shows.

Join Lexen and his crew as they hardstyle it up at S.S. Kaizoku Con. The Grand Haven Music Scene has played several gigs around town including the Coast Guard Festival!

If you are a Guest or an Agency, please contact us for our 2017 show (planning goes underway beginning mid October/early November). Thank you!

Ever wanted to meet one of these fantastic guests face to face and have the opportunity to get their autograph? This is your chance!
Autograph Rules:

A maximum of two items per attendee may be signed. If you wish for more, you may return to the end of the line and have one additional item signed upon each return to the front, time permitting. Only one photograph per guest may be taken during autograph session.
Premium Badge holders must notify a staff member within the first 30 minutes of a session to be granted autograph priority.
Other things to keep in mind:
  • Guests will not sign pirated/bootlegged materials. Ask a staff member if you are uncertain whether an item is legitimate or not.
  • Do not request phone calls and/or voice mail recordings during autograph sessions.
  • Use common sense when gifting a guest.
  • Due to time restraints, the line may be limited and have a cut-off. Attendees near the end may not receive autographs.
  • Remember to expedite your time spent at the autograph table so that the line can proceed. Please do not exceed two minutes with any guest so that others may have the opportunity to meet them.

To suggest a guest, visit our Forum Page!