Dealer Hall

Attention Dealers!

Our 2016 show has been postponed until 2017. Applications for S.S. Kaizoku Con 2017 will be open in April! 

Dealer Hall Hours of Operation:

10:30am [Premium Access], 11am - 6pm Saturday
10:30am [Premium Access], 11am - 4pm Sunday
Located on the Third Floor

Featuring GUEST tables for:

Coming Soon!

Dealer Ad Space:

Coming Soon!

Dealer Hall Pricing:

$55 for small Vendor booth. Includes THREE 2-day vendor badges that are the equivalent of at-door badges, one six foot table (positioned however you'd like within an 8x8 ft. space), and three chairs. Badges to be worn by vendors only. 

$75 for large Vendor booth. Includes FOUR 2-day vendor badges that are the equivalent of at-door badges, two six foot tables (positioned however you'd like within a 10x10 ft. space), and four chairs. Badges to be worn by vendors, only.

***No tape or adhesives of ANY KIND may be used to set up displays, put up signage, or secure merchandise/racking/other to walls.***

***Displays CANNOT be affixed to walls or ceiling. No drilling into floors, surrounding walls, or other venue structures is allowed. Glitter is not allowed as part of your display. You will be liable for any and all damage caused by your display.***


VENDORS -- PLEASE BE AWARE: Our venue has a STRICT policy against any and all foods or beverages being sold, raffled off, given away, or included on or about your table.

Submitting an inquiry does not guarantee you a table. All applications inquiries will be reviewed fairly in the order they are submitted with consideration going to types of merchandise being sold and general appeal of application.

Booth spaces are limited. You will not be able to choose your location in our floor plan. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

Payment is expected in full within 10 days of acceptance or vendor forfeits their table/space to the next wait-listed candidate. Payment information will be sent via email if you are accepted into the Dealer Hall.


If accepted, you will also be given the opportunity to provide a business/Dealer icon/avatar (150x150 pixels) and short snippet (55 words or less) about your company to be included on our website and in our programs. This is optional and is up to the individual vendor to provide. We are not responsible for resizing images or editing snippets, so please ensure they are correct before submitting.


Spelling and grammar will be checked before being included in our program but individual is expected to take care to proofread before this time. Please no symbols (such as @, #, $, ^_^, or :P), advertisements, hot-linking, or offensive images or text.



DEALERS -- For information regarding advertising your company in our programs or on our site, including price breakdown, availability, and requirements/guidelines, please send an inquiry to Thank you!