Open to all Cosplay Contest participants!

Do you love Cosplay? Do you love portraying your characters?

Display all your talents and hard work for the world to see! Sashay down our stage before our judges reveal the 2017 winners and give convention-goers the chance to see your cosplay in our Masquerade Parade! Or, perform a pre-approved skit in front of an audience as the character you are cosplaying!

Date: TBA
Time: TBA (Beardsley Theater)

Dress Rehearsal: TBA (Dressing Rooms)

Masquerade participants choosing to do a skit (5 minutes or less) during this portion of the event must provide a script of your skit to our Cosplay Head before July 1st and supply a CD of any and all music/sound effects at the time of the Masquerade. To participate you must be a valid participant in our Cosplay Contest.

Skit scripts are subject to approval by S.S. Kaizoku Con. 

For more information regarding our Cosplay Contest, please visit our page.

Online registration for our 2017 show has not yet opened.