Here are the official rules regarding our Cosplay Contest

ONLINE registration for our 2017 show has not yet opened.
You can also sign up AT CON on SATURDAY ONLY from 11am - 2pm in the basement Dressing Rooms. Please see Volunteer Ops in the main lobby for more information/directions. 
Day of Show: TBA

Time of Show:  TBA

Location of Show:  Beardsley Theater (located off the main lobby of convention)

Maximum Cosplay Entries Permitted:  35

Cosplay Judging Times:
Guest Judges ~


Keith Lehmann

Keith has been cosplaying since 2008.  He has done such memorable cosplays from anime: EVA-01 (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop), Maes Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist), Berga Gandor (Baccono!), Mister (Coyote Ragtime Show), and Erwin Smith (Attack on Titan).  Some of his Original Character designs include: a Warrior Priest, a Confederate Pokemon Trainer, and the current design of a Steampunk U.S. Marshal.  

He has also done some cosplay photography for over 10 years with most recent displayed .  He has gone out and done such events as SSKaizokuCon, AlamaCon, NMACon, Anime Central, JAFAX – he has done at least half dozen competitions, with one best of show and one runner-up.

Nikkole Cole

Lady Aerith has been cosplaying since June 2009. She has made around 20 cosplays. Her favorite cosplay she has done to date is Nailah from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Some of her favorite games are Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and Legend of Dragoon. Her favorite animes include Sailor Moon (both the original and Crystal), Inuyasha, and Dragonball Z. 

Her future cosplay plans are to finally make her dream cosplay, Lulu from Final Fantasy X, Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon Crystal. She knows how to budget cosplays. She loves  cosplays with intricate details. She loves o cosplay characters with lots of details and loves the challenge of getting as close as she possibly can. She is also a firm believer that ANYONE can cosplay. It doesn't matter how skinny or large you are, what color your skin is, how pld pr young you are, or if you cant afford to "do it perfect." She chooses her cosplays based on the character's personality and story not just because of the appearance of the characters.  

Besides being a cosplayer she is married to Bacon Ninja Cosplay and has two children. She has lived in Muskegon, MI all her life.

Desirae Stevens

Desirae has been cosplaying since she was 13 years old. Her first convention being Jafax, and is also her home con. She also attends Youmacon, Shutocon, and the grand rapids comic con. Her future con's include: Midwest media expo, Acen, and Anime Expo, and Anime Central. Her favorite cosplays are Daenerys (Game of Thrones) and Panty (Panty and Stocking with Garter belt). Her future cosplay plans are: Repunzel (Tangled), Octavia (Madoka Magica), Lucina (Fire Emblem: Awakening), Garnet (Final Fantasy 9), and Maka Albarn (Soul Eater). 

Most of her cosplays are hand made by her sister Marissa Mason while she makes the props. Desirae has been a prop maker for the past 3 years and strives for accuracy and durability. She believes that with practice and persistence, anyone can be that great Cosplayer everyone admires. 

When she's not cosplaying, Desirae enjoys writing novels,making music, and long boarding. She is currently going to college to major in Diagnostic Sonography of the Abdomen and obtain a duel minor in creative writing and Japanese Linguistic skills. She hopes to one day be a well known young adult novelist.



All costumes must be at least 70% handmade/crafted by the costume artist.

This includes props, wigs, and clothing. Store-bought costumes are not allowed to participate. If you are entering a commissioned costume, the original creator of the costume will receive the award, not the model.

   We, the judges, reserve the right to turn down any applicants who do not meet these requirements.

   Costumes that are allowed to participate must fall into one of these categories:


                                                            -Anime/Manga (Japanese Origin)

                                                            -Video Game (Japanese Origin)

                                                            -Japanese Media (Live-action, kaiju, J-rockers, etc – but you MUST have reference)


Because this is a Japanese Oriented Convention, we are limiting eligible costumes to media of Japanese origin.

Outfits not eligible are: Japanese fashion, Fan-made characters, Original Characters, American Animation/Comics.

   You must provide reference of the character/person you are cosplaying.
Pictures should be in color and provide a good view of the character you are representing. Official art/Screencaps only – no personal design sketches or fan art are allowed. 

All images should be copies/printouts on 8.5”x11” paper (or smaller), so that we can keep it with us to judge you. Don’t bring in books or figures, as useful as they are, we can’t hold onto them after all entrants have been interviewed.


If you do not have a reference image, we cannot judge you.


Pictures of your creation process are also encouraged, but not required.

     All costumes will be judged according to a specific set of guidelines (see below).
  • Judging will be by appointment only, and if you are unable to make your appointment, we cannot judge you! If you are excessively late, you risk being disqualified.
   Once online registration closes, whatever spots are left open at the time of the convention will be available for “at convention” registration. An “at convention” registration spot is NOT GUARANTEED.
While walk-ins are accepted, if you register at the convention please note the above.




Judging scores will be determined by the following 5 categories, all judged on a 1-5 rubric (with 1 being “not at all” and 5 being “Very well”), along with any other notes the judges may want to write down:



How well does the costume match the reference image?


Are all parts of the costume completed? (Nothing missing)


Has the costume survived (no broken pieces, etc)?


How well is the costume constructed?  (Can stray pins, threads, empty holes be seen?)


Is the artist able to describe how the costume was created?

Judges will be wanting to look closely at your costume, so please ensure it is ready for inspection!


First Place (in Novice, Intermediate, and Master) :  TBA
Judge's Choice: TBA

There will be a first place winner in each category plus an overall Judge's Choice Award.

Your level is determined by the amount of costuming experience you have. Be as honest as possible.


a.   Novice – 0 to 2 completed costumes

b.   Intermediate – 3 – 6 completed costumes

c.   Master – 7+ completed costumes, or professional training/work (Do you make costumes for other people or events? Do you take classes on costuming/sewing?)


Please be prepared to answer any of the judges’ questions.



Online registration has not yet opened.