This contest will be open soon! 

Do you love anime? Do you love music videos? Have you ever wanted to combine your love for both and make an Anime Music Video?

Well, exciting news, everybody!

In celebration of our FOURTH year, we're hosting our second annual....


Videos must be submitted by: TBA

Day of Showing: TBA

Time of Showing:  TBA

Location of Showing:  TBA

Maximum Entries Permitted:  ONE video per category (for a total of up to three videos per contestant)

AMV Award Ceremony Date/Time: TBA. Beardsley Theater during Closing Ceremonies
Judges ~ Tony Henderson, two additional judges TBA 


There will be a grand prize winner in ALL THREE Categories. Click to see examples of each video type for reference.

Comedy  1 | 2

Action  1 | 2

Drama/Romance  1 | 2

(One) Grand Prize Winner in each category will receive:

*A copy of all AMV’s shown during the con, signed by our Guests.

*Con-sponsored prize (TBD).

*Their video displayed during our Opening/Closing Ceremonies, or our Cosplay Contest.

ALL participants will receive:

*A copy of all AMV’s shown during the con.

*Their video displayed in a "Best of the Rest" panel during the convention.

This contest will have only one Grand Prize winner in each category. 


1. Must be created by the competitor and adhere to the following:

**Videos CANNOT be longer than five minutes or shorter than one minute in length. This does not include your required intro/ending sequence (see Specifications for more details).

**Must contain content appropriate for children. Content can be PG13 at the max. 

**NO nudity or gore.

**No hentai, nudity, or sexual situations/themes are allowed.

**Music may not contain swearing or sexual situations/themes.

**Clips/video used must be clear of watermarks and subtitles.

**Full-anime AMV's are preferred. However, you may feature live action or video game content if desired BUT CONTENT USED MUST MAKE UP LESS THAN 1/4 of the total AMV time.

**Please avoid showing “spoilers”. 

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**Video quality must be 720p or higher.

**Video entries must include a 5-15 second intro or ending with the following information: 

Your name
Name of the Convention ("S.S. Kaizoku Con")
Titles of all songs and anime featured

These may be either animated or still frames. No nudity, gore, or swearing in your pictures or titles.

**Entries will only be accepted by emailing them to: Please direct any additional questions or concerns about this contest to this email address.



**Winners will be chosen based on:

Video Quality: 10 points
Sound Quality: 10 points
Editing Prowess: 10 points
Syncing: 10 points
Originality: 10 points
Enjoyment: 10 points

(Worth a total of 60 points)

**You will be notified by the 10th of August if your video has been selected as one of our winners.

**By entering into this contest, you grant S.S. Kaizoku Con non-exclusive rights to use, distribute, and display (without royalties) your video for promotional and entertainment purposes. This includes being displayed during events at the convention, being cut onto a disk for prizes, and being used as a video reference on our site, Facebook page, and other social networking sites (at our discretion).

**By entering into this contest you agree that you are or will be 18 years of age on or before TBA.