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Young artists, have you wanted to break into the convention scene without breaking the bank? Seasoned artists, are you trying to cover as much convention ground as possible throughout Michigan? Kaizoku Con applicants, have you already applied for an Artist Alley table and just want to get it free?

 Well, why not have one on us?



In celebration of our Facebook Page receiving 100 Likes, we've decided to host a contest! And what better way to host a contest than to do it GRAND SCALE?!

Contest Deadline: June 20st, 2013


(One) Grand Prize Winner will receive:

*A complimentary Artist Alley table at Kaizoku Con 2013

*300 DA Points

*Promotional spot in our programs as our Badge Artwork Artist.

*Feature in S.S. Kaizoku Con's DA Group journal

 (Two) Runner-Ups will receive:

*50 DA Points

*Feature in S.S. Kaizoku Con's DA Group journal

 This contest will have only one Grand Prize winner.

You may submit as many entries as you'd like for this contest but if selected as a winner, only one entry will be chosen.

You may also earn one additional chance to win by promoting this journal entry on your profile, and linking back to us.


 Draw our badge art! S.S. Kaizoku Con -- Grand Haven, MI's first anime convention!

1. Draw our mascot Nami with the contest's theme in mind.
**Design should not be overly complex. Please do not include background images or color. Keep background white.

**Please do not include text.

**Nami can be wearing any non-copyrighted outfit (i.e. an original that you own all rights to) or her original outfit, and be placed in any location, pose, or position on the viewing plane you'd like as long as she has her signature Captain's Hat on and is family-appropriate.

**No hentai, nudity, or sexual situations or themes are allowed.

**Nami must be alone in the image -- please do not include any copyrighted or original character in your entry. Inclusion of objects, such as our anchor for example, is fine as long as clearly identifiable as original and not belonging to any pre-existing copyrighted work. Any and all objects used in badge artwork must be interacting with Nami and not standalone in the image.

**Color is necessary in order for your submission to be valid. Please leave backgrounds plain and white.

**Mediums accepted: Traditional and digital drawings and paintings, only. Sorry, no photography or fiction is allowed for this contest.

**Please ensure title of deviation is "Kaizoku Con Contest Entry" so we can track them.

2. Like our Facebook Page!

3. Either LINK your entry on our Facebook page, or NOTE our DA group with your entry and facebook name.


**Please ensure artwork is done to fit on a 300 resolution 3" x 4" sized card, landscape orientation. In pixels that equates to 900 x 1200. Nami character must not be less than 1/4 of entire design/page.

**For entry purposes, please save a SMALLER COPY (25% of the original or less) to be uploaded to DeviantART.

**For integrity purposes, any images uploaded at full size will be disqualified. This is to prevent false, counterfeit, and tampered badges from being used for our convention.

**Grand Prize Winner will be asked for the large file for printing purposes.


**Winners will be chosen based on artistic merit, interpretation of theme, and successful representation of Kaizoku Con as determined by our Con Chair.

**Membership to this Group is not necessary but is appreciated. Membership does not benefit your chances of winning this contest.

**Badge Art image chosen as our Grand Prize winner will belong to Kaizoku Con, with intellectual property rights retained by the original artist. If chosen for an Artist Alley table, you may sell prints of your original work at your table.

**By entering into this contest, you grant Kaizoku Con non-exclusive rights to use, reproduce, alter (colors and background), and distribute your work without royalties for our badges, promotional purposes, on our site, Facebook page, and other social networking sites.

**By entering into this contest you agree that you are or will be 18 years of age on or before August 31st, 2013 and are legally able to work within the USA.

**You understand that if selected, Grand Prize winner receives Artist Alley space, table and seating, and badges only, and any and all prints, merchandise, business cards or subsequent advertisement, travel expense, and/or lodging for the convention is the artist's sole responsibility to procure.


Grand Prize Winner will also be notified privately in accordance with this contest to obtain personal information retained solely for Artist Alley purposes, artist name and avatar/badge with short snippet of information to be used on our site and in our programs, and must provide print-ready image file of badge artwork at that time.

Failure to provide this information will result in a runner up being chosen to replace Grand Prize winner.

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