Our Mascots

Shimizu Nami
Age : 17 years
Height : 159 cm
Weight : 42 kg
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Blue
Favorite Food : Watermelon
Favorite Drink : Bubble Tea

Nami has a very charming smile and is bubbly and fun to be around. She loves to play on the beach, go swimming, and play with her octopus, Guppi. She can be found captaining our convention, the S.S. Kaizoku Con, with her signature captain's hat and anchor. Nami also loves cosplay and taking photos, and dresses up in most anything nautical-themed.

Age : 2 years
Height : 31 cm
Weight : 3 kg
Color : Pale Purple
Eye Color : Blue
Favorite Food : Clams
Favorite Drink : Water

Guppi, the cute and lovable friend of Nami, may be small but size doesn't stop him from being active aboard the S.S. Kaizoku Con. Frequently seen carrying around his toy stuffed anchor, our little octopus buddy poses for photos as often as his cheerful human companion.